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100 (Eventually Finally) Thinks About Me Updated: 9/20/05
  1. My name is Keith... my students call me "doc".
  2. I was born in Detroit, MI.
  3. in 1966, July 13th to be exact.
  4. I currently live in Adrian Dexter, MI.
  5. I work at Adrian College in Adrian, MI.
  6. Where I teach Analytical and Inorganic Chemistry.
  7. Both of which I love (Chemistry and Adrian College).
  8. Where I was recently am now tenured. wOOt.
  9. I am a voracious reader.
  10. gets more of my money than my local grocery store.
  11. I also love to watch movies.
  12. I collect DVD's. See #10.
  13. Another of my hobbies is glassblowing, but I have been away from it for a while.
  14. I have had two Labrador Retrievers: Judy (black, 14 years old) and Watson (yellow, 13 years old). I lost them both due to old-age related maladies in the summer of 2005.
  15. They were the best dogs in the history of the universe.
  16. I honestly believe that teaching at a small college is the best job on the face of the Earth.
  17. Even if I'll never get rich doing it.
  18. I used to live in DE and work in DE and NJ for DuPont. But I grew to dislike it.
  19. I recently started to shave my head. I really like the look, and feel.
  20. My hair is brown when I grow it out.
  21. So are my eyes.
  22. I have one brother, who has one son, who is like the little brother I never had.
  23. My parents are happily retired and living in the woods in the middle of the Lower Peninsula of MI. They are healthy and content up there.
  24. Which makes me happy, and gives me a great place to "get away from it all" and spend time with them.
  25. I have a very short commute: my bedroom door is about 100 yards from my office door, as the crow flies. UPDATE: I now live 40 miles from work.
  26. I have had a hard time convincing my auto insurance company that I do not use my vehicle to drive to work.
  27. I love to play poker. I have been playing in one game monthly since late 1996 and started a second semi-regular game in Adrian sometime in 2001.
  28. I occasionally, as part of my job, blow things up.
  29. I received my B.S. in Chemistry from Michigan Technological University. Go Huskies!
  30. I received my Ph.D. in Chemistry from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, aka Virginia Tech. Go Hokies!
  31. I was married once, it did not work out. I am getting married again in 10/2005.
  32. I am still friendly with my ex-wife, however.
  33. I very rarely consume alcohol, but don't mind if others do.
  34. I have never smoked, and do mind if others do in my presence. The smoke hurts my eyes.
  35. I try hard not to judge other people, but I still need to work on that.
  36. I believe in the value of education.
  37. I think smart women are incredibly attractive. My fiancee is a smart woman.
  38. I think there are very few unattractive women.
  39. I do not watch TV very much.
  40. But I do love "Buffy the Vampire Slayer".
  41. And CSI.
  42. Joan of Arcadia is starting to grow on me also. Not so much anymore.
  43. I like to play golf, but I am not very good at it.
  44. I like to work with my hands, to make beautiful things.
  45. I am a bit of a dilettante (dabbler).
  46. I am an autodidact.
  47. I love to learn new things.
  48. I like to work/play with computers.
  49. I prefer Macintosh to Windows, but have/use both.
  50. I think macs are much more user powerful and user friendly.
  51. I probably have more than my fair share of technological gadgets.
  52. This blog is helping me learn a lot about HTML and CSS.
  53. I think cable modems are the neatest thing since sliced bread.
  54. I have summer allergies that drive me nuts.
  55. One of my favorite movies is "The Shawshank Redemption.
  56. Some of My Favorite Authors: Jon Katz, Bill Bryson, Tom Clancy, Patricia Cornwell, Laurell K. Hamilton.
  57. I love all kinds of music, but really like classic Rock and Roll.
  58. I listen to too much NPR.
  59. I am fascinated by animation.
  60. Favorite Animated Movies: Anything by Pixar (esp. Monster's Inc.) and Aardman Animation (Wallace and Gromit) and Ice Age.
  61. I am a big fan of Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings movies.
  62. I am allergic to cats, HOWEVER, now that I am living with one, I seem to be getting better with it.
  63. I like colder weather.
  64. I am helping my college create a Computer Information Systems Department and minor program.
  65. I love going to the theatre (plays).
  66. I love going to the cinema (movies).
  67. I can't wiggle my ears.
  68. I don't think I have a favorite color.
  69. I like darker jeweled tones: emerald, burgundy, navy, and greys.
  70. I like to cook when I have time, and I am quite good at it.
  71. I love the comics.
  72. Modern Favorites: Get Fuzzy, Non Sequitur, Boondocks, Frazz, and the new Opus.
  73. Older Faves: Bloom County, Calvin and Hobbes
  74. I habitually read the Detroit Free Press.
  75. Especially the Editorial Pages and the Comics.
  76. I read lots of magazines.
  77. I probably subscribe to more than I can read.
  78. I am not afraid of spiders, but they creep me out.
  79. My office is a bit of a zoo.
  80. Pizza is one of my favorite foods.
  81. with pepperoni and onions.
  82. I like most ethnic foods.
  83. at least the ones I've tried.
  84. Korean food is awesome.
  85. I also have a sweet tooth.
  86. I am an anti-idiotarian.
  87. I believe in personal respoonsibility.
  88. I get criticized for holding people to unrealistic standards.
  89. I've been told I do not suffer fools very well.
  90. I'd rather be an hour early than 5 minutes late.
  91. Seriously.
  92. I can be obsessive.
  93. Almost there.
  94. Part of my job includes collecting rocks.
  95. I currently drive an orange Honda Element.
  96. I used to stick with Fords. My last Ford was the fifth in a row for me, going back to 1992.
  97. I am a serious bargain shopper.
  98. I spend too much time online.
  99. I started online with AOL in 1994.
  100. This was harder than I thought.