> Binky the Crayon


To really get the idea as to why you are seeing so many pictures of a crayon, you'll have to do some reading.

This whole mess started online at in part of the forums known as "Other". This is one of the most fun forums (fora?...I've always wondered about that ) I've ever read and participated in.

To get the whole story, start with Thread #1. To get the "Best of" start at Thread #3. Be forewarned, these threads are long, and some of them are graphics intensive.

Thread One

Thread Two

Thread Three

Thread Four

Thread Five

Anyhow, these pictures are my little part of this whole thing. My crayon did not come with a name (Crayola introduced four new colors, but is waiting for the results of a poll to determine final names), but I have christened her Binkgundy, or Binky for short.

This is Binky's story, and in a smaller way, part of my own, as told through digital photography and the power of the Internet.

Enjoy (or not).