Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Images from Science

Heller_nanowire.jpg I was watching my students in the lab today (Chemistry 101 - today's lab was a bit of forensic science - forged documents and unknown fibers) and flipping through the current edition of the Chronicle of Higher Education, and saw an interesting article about post tenure review and how they made it work at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Yes, I know this isn't the interesting part...bear with me. The interesting part was that they encourage professors to keep sharp for the classroom by offering grants to try new things and "sharpen the saw" so to speak.

Michael Peres, a professor of biomedical photographic communications (good grief, talk about specialization) received a grant that he was encouraged to apply for after his colleagues in the "School of Photographic Arts and Sciences" (sweet mercy, can't they just have an Art Department?) saw his work and noticed the artistic value of the pieces. He did a one man show (images), and then was awarded another grant for the development of the Images from Science web site.

The image here is Nanowire, 2001 from Eric J. Heller at Harvard University. I thought this was fascinating. Check out the site for many, many more pics. Cool photos for a cold, dreary day.

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