Friday, August 20, 2004

Waitin' for the Cable Guy...

So, this whole "I'll be there somewhere between 1 and 5" thing should really stop. But since I am a captive now, might as well blog.

The Cable Dude is coming to help me revamp my whole home entertainment network. Thanks to a phenomenal deal from Comcast (yeah, I know it is tantamount to making a deal with the devil), I will be gaining increased functionality and technology, and actually reducing the monthly cost of being wired.

The status quo: DSL internet, DirecTV satellite, and Comcast basic "lifeline" cable for the local channels. A VCR for timeshifting. There are three TVs in the house, each with different connectivity (living room is satellite only, office is cable and satellite, and bedroom is cable only). There is about 500 miles of cable in the ceiling of the basement. And the space behind my TV in the living room (which has a DVD player and stereo connection as well) looks like a huge cat had a digital hairball. Monthly cost of this mess is approx. $88.

Coming soon (hopefully today): Digital Cable (with HBO and Starz), to be installed in the living room and office. Cable modem (faster than DSL) in the office. Expanded non-digital cable in the bedroom. AND....drumroll please...Comcast Digital Video Recorder. This tech is brand new to my area, and I am psyched to see it here. The monthly cost for this setup is $72 per month guaranteed for one year.

I have been wanting to get a TiVo type system for a while now, especially since my friend Katie got hers and has been extolling its' virtues. The problem with TiVo is that it (at least initially) requires a home phone line, which I gave up about a year ago in favor of local cell service. The Comcast DVR gets its info from the cable connection, so it works for me.

I do not think the Comcast deal has all the bells and whistles, but it is better than what I've got and it comes with the deal. It should be fun to play with, and now I can get caught up on "Six Feet Under".

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Basic cable (no digital box) for one tv and the cable modem run us about $80/month plus tax from Comcast here in Seattle.

Posted by: pops at Aug 20, 2004 4:02:13 PM

You might want to consider running your cable into a WiFi hub. The connection is a piece o' cake and then you're free. IIRC, you use a Mac. Airport(?) should work with Comcast.

I have a similar set-up at home (Win XP though). Being able to access the net with my laptop anywhere in the house (or even lounging by the pool) is way cool.

Posted by: Daryl Cobranchi at Aug 21, 2004 4:50:29 PM

I'm assuming you've had a little time with the DVR -- how do you like it so far?

Posted by: Geoff Brown at Sep 6, 2004 5:57:15 PM