Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I really have to get off my dead rear end...

and try to start using this site for something more than
an archive of old stuff.

I checked the referrer logs and am absolutely amazed that anybody other than random spammers still hit this site.

Lots going on right now ( I am trying to raise a new [19 week old] puppy) and lots coming very soon (my wife is pregnant with our first child and is due within a month), and I want to use this blog (and its sister site) to try to keep track of the thoughts and feelings and milestones
that seem to be coming in waves.

I'll try to bring it along.  Let's see if I can get back into the habit.

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Friday, October 28, 2005

Tomorrow's the Day

I am getting married at 6PM tomorrow. All the plans are in place, and it is a very few things that are left to do today before we go to the Rehearsal Dinner that my friend Michael is hosting for us.

Susan and I are both psyched, but a bit nervy. There is little left to chance, and we simply can only do so much before it is out of our hands. I try not to worry, and I am doing pretty well.

More soon... and pictures and more wedding stuff will available at our other place: keithandsusan.info.

Wish us luck!

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Wedding Countdown

This page looks awful, without any posts sitting on it. I need to adjust the view look.

Anyhow, the countdown begins: in 10 days and 10 hours, Susan and I will be getting married. Lots of plans have been made and many tasks accomplished, as well as much cash expended to get us from a 4th of July weekend engagement to an October 29th wedding.

I have been putting together a little project to share photos and stuff with friends, family, and others who are not in the immediate area. If you are interested, drop by keithandsusan.info to see the first cut at my family blog.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Carving out some time...

I had a few free minutes this morning while I was watching my non-majors lab create a ceramic mixture (Egyptian Paste), so I grabbed my laptop, tied in to the wireless net, and did some updating: books, music, cinema, DVDs on the sidebars, as well as updating the "About Me" part of the web page.

Hopefully more time can be made soon, as I miss posting regularly. I don't even have much time for the gym this week. I normally go at lunch, but have four lunchtime meetings this week. Yuck.

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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Same Old Song and Dance: Busy

Yep, again with the busy. Even I am getting tired of hearing me say that.

Classes are in full swing, wedding plans are going full bore ahead, and there are things to do after work almost every day of the week.

We got up this morning before 4AM (Susan, my fiancee, had early rounds) and I was in Adrian by 5:15 buying donuts for a morning class and getting ready for the day.

No time now to continue, but I thought I might share a pic taken of Susan and I taken by our friend Michael, at the birthday party of another friend (also named Michael). I do not like having my photo taken that much, but this is about as good as they get, for me. I think Susan is looking very cute as well.

One of these days, when I write my memoirs, I think I will have to name it "My Ten Friends Named Michael". IT turns out there are a whole passel of Michaels invited to the wedding, including a cousin, and a cousin's new husband. Our new faculty member in my department is also a Michael.


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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Long Day

Kitty got us up early this morning and I had a hard time getting back to sleep, as is the norm for me.  I was in quite the foul humor this morning until the caffeine kicked in and I moved around a bit.  Ever since I crashed my bike last month, my left shoulder has been giving me problems.  I saw the doc on Monday and had my first appointment witht the physical therapy folks today.  I think I am going to get away with therapy only on this one - no surgery.

I am killing time in the student center in the computer lab (NICELY air conditioned, as compared to my office, which is barely A/C'd) until it is time to meet the gang for dinner and drinks (i.e. Wednesday Night Therapy).

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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Hippo Birdie two ewe (err, me).

Yesterday was my 39th birthday.  For those of you who have been around for a while, you know that my life has been turned pretty upside down in the last year or so.  I have lost over 85 pounds, fallen in love, gotten engaged, and am in the process of moving in with my fiancee.

So, when faced with a too hot summer day looming, a house full of stuff to be packed/donated/pitched, what do I do?  Run for the hills.  That's right.  I declared that Wednesday July 13th, 2005 was Keith takes care of Keith day.  And a wonderful day it was:

6:30 AM - rise.  Nudge fiancee, who requires more sleep to tell her I am going out for coffee and the paper.  I head to the local coffee bar, which used to be an indy place, but has been bought by "Bearclaw Coffee".

7:30 AM - Two big cups of the house regular and the Detroit Free Press occupy my time.  I complete the crossword puzzle (in ink, of course), and head back to my new place.

7:45 AM - wake fiance up and see if she want to go out for breakfast.

9:05 AM - head for said breakfast.  Bagel and cream cheese with marmalade.  Sausage.  Cinnamon Roll.  There are no calories on your birthday.

9:42 AM - leave Dexter for Adrian.  I have an appointment...

for the Spa.

11:00 AM - Spa.  Manicure and Pedicure.  First time for the pedi.  Let's not even go into the whole "girly" issue.  Anytime a pretty woman wants to rub your hands and feet and be nice to you, you do it.  Get over it.  Well worth the cost, if only for the massaged appendages alone.

12:15 PM - Out for lunch with friends.  Panzanella.  A salmon club and homemade chips.  Sometimes there is just the right amount of Wang in the Chung.

2:00 PM - Massage parlor...er studio.  A one hour massage turns me into a slightly slippery, but nonetheless wonderfully relaxed person.

3:30 PM - Get a little work done at the house.  Pack car with a load of boxes to take back to Dexter.

6:00 PM - Dinner at the pub with friends.  Cards and gifts (a very cool Bunsen and Beaker t-shirt), and Susan brought homemade chocolate chip-oatmeal-pecan cookies.  Much laughter, and good company with close friends.

8:10 PM - leave pub.  Arrive back to Dexter @ 9:00.

9:15 PM - private celebration with fiance.

Life is really, really, REALLY good.  I would not trade who I am and where I am and how old I am now with anyone in the whole wide world.

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Saturday, July 09, 2005

The Lawyer Never Showed...

I thought I'd bring everyone up to date about my negotiations with the cat.  I drove over to Susan's on Thursday afternoon for the meeting, and the damn lawyer never showed.  I am not sure if this means that George has a crappy lawyer (I mean, how many lawyers would work for a cat...unless it was a professional courtesy), or George had set someone up to call me and never got one in the first place.

So we got down to brass tacks.  It seems that George reads this blog, and he did not like the suggestions I made, or those added in comments.  He seemed particularly wary about the whole Kitty parasol thing.  So I think he was in a more amenable mood to come to terms.

We agreed, and George will resist the urge to make my life hell by dander-ing all over me.  The terms:

1.  I promise to feed George choice tidbits while I am cooking.
2.  George promises to be aloof and keep his distance, except for the occasional desire for affection when Susan is not around.
3.  George will stay off the bed while I am in it.  He reserved the right to sleep with Susan if I am not around.
4.  I will wait until atleast next May to get a puppy, and George gets right of first refusal on the breed of the dog (when I asked him which ones were on the list to avoid, he rattled off quite a few:  no terriers (especially Jack Russells), no collies (Border or otherwise), nothing small and yappy (anyone who knows me understands how how agreeing to this would not be a problem), and nothing that could be perceived as more "prissy" than a cat (which leaves out Bichon's, miniature poodles, miniature pinschers, etc.), and the last one: nothing that P/a/ris H/ilt/on would ever be cought carrying around (for some  reason George does not like Paris, called her a bee-yatch, whatever that is).
5.  No Kitty clothing: dresses, parasols, or otherwise.

So, I think we are set.  As for the catnip, George says that it might be a nice occasional treat, but that if I get him hooked, there'll be hairballs in all of my shoes.

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Thursday, July 07, 2005


So... I got engaged on Tuesday.  Yep.  I'm going to get married for the second (and last) time.  Susan and I are pretty excited.  I am moving throuhg all manner of emotions: excitement, anxiety, elation, anxiety...  My friend Mike (one of 10 or so friends I have named Mike or Michael...but that is another story) thinks we are going too fast, but I am not feeling that way at all.  I guess I am just realizing that my life has gotten much more complicated, and much more simple, in equal measure, with just one question.

Susan and I will be moving in together this month, me into her house with her and her cat George.  And that is perhaps the strangest thing of all.  I got a call from the cat's attorney the other day.  I did not think that George could even dial the phone, much less retain counsel.

It seems that George wants a meeting with me to discuss the terms under which I'll be allowed to move into the aforementioned house.  You see, he thinks has me over a barrel.  He knows I am allergic to him, giving him some measure of control.  Simply rubbing himself up against my face while I sleep could cause some mild misery on my part.  So it would seem he feels in a position of authority from which to dictate terms.  I personally feel that this is extortion, but I am obviously biased.

George and I got along, or at least I thought so.  He stayed out of my reach for the first few months Susan and I dated, and was pretty aloof.  He has an obnoxious streak.  One day I arrived early to Susan's (before I got a key) and was locked out.  Kitty sat at the window next to the door and mocked me.  I told him that was not nice at all, and he proceeded to flip me the bird and then had the audacity to moon me.  I figured it was some sort of initiation ritual.

I have tried to win him over with food.  I rise more easily in the morning than Susan does, and so I generally get out of bed at first (or second) meow-ing and walk downstairs to dump some kibble into his bowl.  I have also slipped him steak, chicken and shrimp when I am cooking.  The little bugger has never once said Thank You.

So, I am going to Susan's this afternoon to take the meeting and see what he puts on the table.  I am a reasonable man, and more than willing to meet him halfway.  Afterall, he has been with Susan for over 10 years.  I am not seeking to replace him, or displace him.  But I do want some accomodations.  After all, I have a couple of options of my own to dangle over his head should he prove intractable and choose to play hardball:

1.  Catnip.  I can always hook the little hairball, and become his dealer.  We'll see who "owns" who.  Not necessarily a nice thing to do to kitty, but far better than the so-called nuclear option:

2.  Getting a puppy.

I'll try to keep you up to date on what happens.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

"Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa"

OK, so I have not posted in over a month, and the last post I left up here had to do with my dog dying. I am sorry for having been away, and sorrier for leaving that particular post for my last visible one.

I am going to do better. Honest.

There are lots of good things going on right now, and I am finally having some free time to do the things I want to do, which right now means blogging and baking. I just pulled some awesome dark chocolate brownies out of the oven, and am re-pre-heating for a batch of Cook's Illustrated's "Ultimate Oatmeal Cookies" (chocolate-chunks, dried cherries and walnuts).

Why am I baking on a hot June day, you might ask? Well, I got an early birthday present from my girlfriend Susan and I am putting it through its paces:


Yep, that is the color I chose also: caviar. Think: metallic flake black. Very cool.

So, I promise to be somewhat more dilligent in my posting. I have a lot to catch up with: movies, music, books, etc. The end of the academic year. A vacation trip to Chicago (including a afternoon matinee of "Wicked"). I will be moving at the end of July. And, just last week, I was out shopping for diamond rings. Stay tuned.

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